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Here’s where you can find out everything you could possibly want to know about humor illustrator and cartoonist, Ron Wheeler. Read the incredible story of how God clearly called Ron to create cartoons to be a communication vehicle for spreading His Truths.

This is also where you can find Ron’s biography his resumé, several articles written about him, plus much, much more.

Ever need a cartoon drawing for your project, but don’t have the budget to pay a professional to draw it for you? Check out the thousands of images we have available here that you can purchase on CD or download directly onto your computer.

DownloadableClipArt.com is the one place where church leaders, children ministers, families, and individuals can download any of Ron Wheeler’s available cartoon clip art. There are several thousand images available on this site.

Fat Free Clip Art is a 3-CD set containing over 4,000 black and white cartoon images drawn by Ron Wheeler. These are quality drawings … and they are all “fat free”.

CartoonWorksClipart.com is where you can find many of Ron’s downloadable clip art as well as graphic images, screen savers, wallpaper and photographs by others.

CrossDaily.com is where you can find many of Ron’s downloadable clip art as well as graphic images, screen savers, wallpaper and photographs by others.

iClipArt.com is where you can find many of Ron’s downloadable clip art as well as graphic images, screen savers, wallpaper and photographs by others.

KidZWorker.com is where you can find many of Ron’s downloadable clip art as well as graphic images, screen savers, wallpaper and photographs by others.

Free Samples! Want to try before you buy? Check out this page of free samples.

Limited copyright: © Ron Wheeler. Permission is hereby granted for use of any of Ron’s clip art for educational purposes in churches, schools, and for personal use without further permission required. The materials herein are not to be used for any other purposes without prior approval.

Find Free clip art and other fun stuff you can use for your ministry or personal use!

Limited copyright: © Ron Wheeler. Permission is hereby granted for use of any of Ron’s clip art for educational purposes in churches, schools, and for personal use without further permission required. The materials herein are not to be used for any other purposes without prior approval.

Check out this Fun Page full of some fun puzzles and fun games you can play online … just for fun.

View some of Ron’s most recent work as well as view an extensive portfolio of Ron’s work divided by category at RonWheeler.com.

Ron makes his living primarily through freelance work, so don’t be shy about asking him for help on your next project.

Be sure to check out Ron’s biography, his resume, and a list of some of Ron’s clients.

Need Art?
You can reach him at:
1-877-I DRAW 4U

Cartoon Tracts are small pamphlets that present the Christian message in a fun, humorous way that even the biggest skeptic can understand and appreciate.

Ron has created over 80 different titles. Over 50 million copies have been sold. Check out the examples he has online here.

Here is where church leaders, Sunday School teachers, children’s directors and individuals can purchase a variety of resource materials (books, clip art, tracts, etc.) and novelty products (such as T-shirts, mugs, greeting cards, calendars, ball caps, etc.) created by Ron Wheeler

The Adventures of Jeremiah is a humorous comic strip Ron drew weekly for 20 years. The characters' role is to model their Christian faith (or at least try to) in a way that is geared to make you laugh.

Click Here to see the strip of the week!

You can also have access to several hundred Jeremiah Strips at once for ministry or personal use.

You can order print books of these strips click here!

These strips are also available for republication. Contact Ron for details.

Ron’s latest and most exciting project, is a series of children’s books. These books are wild and crazy stories written by Ron, and full of Ron’s zany art and humor, but with a spiritual point. They are geared for the elementary age children in all of us. Release date, to be announced.

Ron’s three passions: cartoons, Scripture memory, and family ministry all come together in this product. It’s an easy to use flash card approach to building God’s Word into the hearts of every member of the family.

Ron’s work has made a difference in people’s lives. Here is some of what others have had to say about:

Ron’s work

Ron’s cartoon tracts

Ron’s Jeremiah comic strip

Ron’s puzzles and games

Ron’s clip art

If you would like to comment on what kind of impact Ron’s work has made in your ministry or personal life, he’d love to hear from you. Contact Us

Ron’s work has appeared in publications for Christian ministries and publishing companies all over the globe since 1980. Here is just a partial list of the organizations that have used Ron to further their efforts at spreading the Good News.

  • American Tract Society
  • Assemblies of God
  • Awana Clubs International
  • Avant Ministries 
  • Baker Book House
  • Barbour and Company
  • Christian Ed Warehouse
  • Christian Focus Publishing
  • Christian Publications
  • Christian Reformed Church
  • Christianity Today Incorporated
  • Children's Bible Hour
  • Children's Better Health Institute
  • Concordia Publishing House
  • Cook Communications 
  • CSS Publishing 
  • CrossDaily.com
  • Discovery House Books
  • Evangel Magazine
  • EvanTell
  • Every Generation Ministries
  • Faith 'n Stuff 
  • Faith and Life Press 
  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes
  • Focus on the Family
  • Good News/Crossway Books
  • Gospel Light
  • Gospel Publishing House
  • Great Commission Publications
  • Group Publishing
  • Growing Families International
  • Homeschooling Today Magazine
  • Howard Books
  • Kathie Hill Music
  • Kansas City Chiefs
  • Kansas City Royals
  • Kendall Hunt Publishing
  • KidZWorker.com
  • Leadership Magazine
  • LifeWay Christian Resources
  • Light & Life Magazine 
  • Livingstone Corp.
  • Media Embassy
  • Mel Bay Publications
  • National Religious Broadcasters
  • Nazarene Publishing House
  • Pleasant Word
  • Radio Bible Class
  • Presbyterian Church USA
  • Regular Baptist Press
  • Review & Herald Publishing 
  • Salem Publishing
  • Standard Publishing Co.
  • Stan Toler Ministries
  • Strang Communications
  • Teaching & Learning Co.
  • The Timothy Group
  • Tyndale House
  • University of the Nations
  • WinePress Publishing
  • WORDsearch Corp.
  • Youth for Christ

Do you know someone who is interested in cartooning? Ron occasionally does speaking engagements and teaches classes on cartooning using the latest computer technology.

To those local to the Kansas City area Ron hosts an occasional Cartoon Camp in his home studio. Contact Ron if you would like Ron to come visit your school or organization.

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Ron would love to hear from you. The best way to reach him is to fill out his Contact Ron form. This form goes directly to him.

You can also contact him at his studio:

Ron Wheeler

9818 Summit Street
Kansas City MO 64114
1-877-I DRAW 4U (877-437-2948)

No solicitors please.

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About Ron Wheeler

  • "Declaring His Glory: Cartooning for Christ," Fulness magazine

  • "Stay-at-home jobs keeps workers busy at their own pace," The Kansas City Star

  • "Hi again Ron, I had a few minutes to look over some other stuff on your site, and, wow, what a body of work.. It seems you must be the "PREMIER" Christian Cartoonist out there....You know, when I sent the first email and complimented the tract work, I had just read "The Light", and had that particular one in mind when I thought to send the email. Well, later I had a chance to look over some more of your work, and as I frequently do, I called my wife over to take a look as well. (She's not the biggest fan of cartoons, but I always try to get her to share in my enthusiasm in checking out other cartoonists' work) Anyway, she recognized your style from tracts she knew! In particular, she remembered passing out "The Light" to just about everyone she knew as well as a whole lot of people she didn't know, when she was first saved. Sure enough I told her you were the guy behind it (I had just seen it) and showed her the tracts on the site. There it was...and she hadn't seen that tract for 7 or 8 years! Obviously they work and leave an impression on people. I'll be glad to link your site once I redesign mine to include links...Also, thanks for inclusion on the newsletter list... You wouldn't have any advice for a new guy would you? I am going to link to CCDotcom as soon as Marty has a chance, and I provide him a link... Again, keep up the good work...You have a great style and the web site is very attractive. I'll keep checking back..."
    Sincerely, Dennis Ward www.thenewdisciples.com

  • "Dear Ron and Family--We were linked to your site through the IFC Newsletter. Thank you so much for including your testimony and pictures of your family. My husband and I are working with our Youth Group on the concept of 'where do I fit in?' and your testimony is a good example of God's sovereignty. You've given us some material to use over the summer!!!!! Hey, do you think in the middle of working on those tracts, you could travel out and talk to the kids????? (hee, hee):)" In Christ, The LeFebre Family

  • "I'm writing this e-mail to let you know how blessed I am to read your life story. I know that the Lord indeed has plans (BIG plans) for you. I will be praying for you and for your ministry." Teodorico T. Kitane

  • "Hi Mr. Wheeler,
    One of my Bible college professors referred me to your website and I recognized your work right away! You are one of three artists that I've taken notice of and been encouraged by. I'm only starting in the business also doing work for Standard and Group and TLC, some of the same companies you've worked for. But I just wanted to drop you a line to say I think your artwork is terrific." Sincerely, Christina Schofield

  • "Dear Ron,
    Hi! My name is Matt, and I am the pastor of a small Church in Southern Oregon. My grandma and grandpa introduced me to tract ministry when I was a teen, working for CEF. I just wanted to let you know that you are my favorite author, and that I have a tract rack in the Church that is full of your tracts. You have been a blessing to me and my Church." His and yours, Matt Sapp

  • "Hello Ron,
    I just read the online article 'Declaring His Glory' with your testimony. I was very moved. It caused me to seek the Lord more sincerely regarding my life. Thank you for sharing your testimony. How good Jesus is to us. I thank him for his glory that shines through your life, brother Ron!" Sincerely in Christ, David Moody

  • "Hi there! I was looking at your website. I too am a Christian and I think what you do for the Lord is wonderful. I, too, have always been fond of drawing. Unfortunately, I never put enough time and practice to really cultivate the gift God had given me. Still, I'm glad to see someone has and God using them as well. Having your profile and life story displayed on the Internet is a great idea, not to mention a wonderful testimony to those who don't know about Christ. I read your profile because I was interested in the kind of person your cartoons reflect. I specifically wanted to say to you thanks. Your testimony was a reassuring reminder. It helped me. I, too, got wrapped in my abilities. I've been wanting to become a good worship leader for my church for some time. But every time I look at my abilities, I just get overwhelmed. But your testimony reminded me. Stop worrying about the ability, just do what God has gifted you to do. I love singing and worshipping. That's what's important, really. I reminded again, that if I want to lead people into worship, I must be a woshipper first only then will I really be leading others into worship. Lastly, it was ironic, but I when I started looking at your cartoon tracts for evangelism, I thought they looked familiar. I had kept some tracts to give to others because I thought they related to people so well and would be effective. I found out that those same tracts were written by you. I said, Hey, that's the same guy! Where do I fit in? and Are you looking for something? They were simple, relevant, and funny. I encourage you to keep doing these. God really uses you. Best of all, they relate to real people and their circumstances--that's the key. Go get 'em with your cartoons!"

    God bless you and your talent, Yours truly, Paul

About the Cartoonworks web site [top]

  • "Being my first internet website visit, I was not sure what to expect, but I can safely say that I really enjoy all the variety of things you offer....looking forward to my next week!" From Heather Smith

  • "I think this is a great web site and I am truly grateful that you chose to share it on the world web." Antoinette Harris

  • "Thank you for putting Christian fun where we can finally get to it. Iam 35 and I really enjoy the games. I can't wait to tell people at my church about this. A lot of them do home schooling and I know their kids will love them. Thank you again. GOD BLESS YOU." Beckie Conklin

  • "We haven't had our computer but five days, and it has been really fun for me and my dad. We have been finding a lot of stuff on the internet. When we reach one web site it will lead us to another one. Finding one like yours was really a lot of fun. It is really nice to find one that is Christian. My dad and I are both Christians ourselves. Thanks for taking the time to write us back. I hope that we can write to each other again. Bye for now." Your friend in Christ, Treyand Gilbert

  • "Hi Ron! I really love your tracts. I was sitting here at work reading your tracts, and my church administrator sent me your website [address]. I had read a tract a long time ago [entitled] "Don't open this card," and I kept it to give to my youth group. But I lost it before I could let them see it. The morning before I read your website I prayed for some new information for my Christian young adult newsletter--thinking, I wish I could find that tract. To make a long story short, God answered my prayer and then some. Your web site had so I can order it and a lot more. I'm always searching for more stuff to use to inspire my youth ministry, and your cartoons are the way to reach them. You have a great gift from God!" Annette

  • "I love that someone is really getting the gospel on the internet. God Bless!!!" Ryan Jarvis

  • "I love this site. I'm a big fan of cartoons so I will definitely be back to check out the new ones! :)" Ty

  • "Great site, one of the best!" Beth Casper

  • "This is a very good website. I stumbled over it by accident, but was truly pleased to find it. My kids can have fun with this sight and I don't have to worry about what they are reading and seeing. Thank you for taking the time and for doing the Lord's work!!" Gretta Day

  • "I came across your Web Site by accident last night while looking for another Christian site. I really enjoy humor and cartoons, and enjoy Christian humor even more so. The added plus in your cartoons are the reminders about God and Jesus and the positive messages you are giving out in your work. The drawings of each of the characters are very well done.

    "I also read your story. Thank you for sharing that. It is always interesting and inspiring to read and hear where people have come from and where they are going in relation to God and Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. God is using you in wonderful ways.

    "I know I will be back to read and enjoy!!!! The Adventures of....JEREMIAH!!! Keep up the 'God' work. Thank You." Leeanne Grether

  • "This website is my #1 favorite. I like all your characters and I appreciate the hard work you have put into it. Keep up the awesome work and may the Lord be with you every day." Alexandra Burt

  • "Thanks for having your website out here! It is the most refreshing thing I have seen in days on the internet. I plan to visit to get through more of it. I've only spent about two minutes and you sure have made my day. I hope to be able to order soon too. Thanks!" Carrie VanderHulst

  • "Dear Ron Wheeler,

    I'm amazed at the stupendous ministry you are doing. My goodness me! God has blessed you immensely with all these talents. I kept on clicking and clicking and every page makes me dance and play with God's wonderful things you have created. I have never seen the like before. Bravo! God bless you and yours abundantly.

    I wish I could come and visit you and learn a small percent of the wonderful things you are doing. I saw you and your lovely family on my computer screen. You are indeed a grace to humanity. This is my sincere feeling. God bless." Sincerely in the Lord, Rev. J. Francis Xavier

  • "We have just had a computer about a month and e-mail even less. A friend 'wrote' us of your address and said we would enjoy it!! Haven't spent too much time but enough to say 'Thank you and thank God for your gift'!!!! It shows me that this internet stuff can be good and I'm sure our family will enjoy your ministry. (I have a 12-year-old son.) I will be passing your address on to others and pray that you keep Jesus your focus and all will be well. Thanks again!" Mrs. Pat Leary

  • "This is really cool! I think it's absolutely amazing! I got mail from you and wondered who it was, so I checked it out and WOW... It's Christian, as well, so that makes it really good. I would like to receive mail from you regarding any changes or any new events on your website. I'm presently working on a Youth magazine for my church here in London. It will be cool if you can give me tips on how to make it look wonderful, just like your website. I'm also an artist, by the way, but not a cartoonist.

    "I'll stop here. It's cool to see that you are allowing God to use you even on the net. I will make many of my friends aware of this site. Who knows, they might become born again. Thanks!" Teri Sillo (18 yrs old), London

  • "I am designing a website (my very first one, by the way) for my church and have been exploring the web for ideas, etc. This is absolutely the best website source I have found and I intend to fully utilize every single thing you have to offer.

    "You are truly gifted, and I know that God will bless you and your house."

    Thanks again, Cynthia

About Ron's "Fat Free Clip Art" CD [top]

  • "I have been searching for a CD ROM with clip art. I had found old clip art books in the church office and I like your work, so came to the internet to search you out. I am excited about your FAT FREE Clip art and will be ordering it." Rhonda

  • "I have used your clipart since 1988 (I believe that is when it was). I have always wanted it on CD for the computer.... Thank you for such a fine product. I really can't think of any others that I have used so much and liked so much." Vincent Williams

  • "This is the first package of clip art that I'm 'blown away' by! Thank you for making it available. I am the church secretary & over the children's ministries. Thank you and blessings on you and your talent!" Becky Miller

  • "Ron Wheeler's clip art is inspirational, funny and attention-getting. As a youth director of 17 years, I have relied on Ron's works to spark that creative edge in myself, in my adult leaders and youth who are leaders. We never would have had a 50's diner without his clip art for it. Just throw one of the books on the table during your planning session and get inspired. The wonderful thing is that he also adds humor to his pieces in a very tasteful way which appeals to young people as well as adults in the congregation. His pieces are perfect for publicity as well as outreach. The truly wonderful thing now is that he has the clip art on disc as well. 4000 images! What fun! Ron, thanks for your ministry!" Hope Moran

  • "My friends and I started a new Seeker-oriented church in the South Suburbs of Chicago. There I do promotions within the church. Mostly at the Information Table. I was very disappointed with the quality of the ClipArt that I received from ___________________. I saw your package offered in CBD catalogue and it is just what I needed to share the wonders of Jesus Christ in a way that people can relate to. Thank You Very Much!" Katherine Ann Pegler

  • "I have just received Fat Free Clip Art and found it to be exactly what you advertised. It includes many, many, many useful illustrations that only someone who understands Christian graphic design would think of. Wow. Thanks. You're a hero." Sincerely yours, Herb Owen, Children's Pastor

  • "My name is Becky Miller and I'm the Children's Pastor at Covenant Family Worship Center. We've just moved into a newly constructed building...with plain white walls in the large Children's Ministry room. (ages 6 - 11) I had prayed that God would give me some decorating ideas. Little by little they came, until I knew what I wanted but didn't have the "artistic" ability to do it. Your clip art came into play. If we had it completed now I would send a picture to you. You really ought to consider having a package available to purchase like this! I've had more people come in and view "The Great Wall" and want to know where I bought the package. I always tell them about your clip art! Anyway, what I did was take some of the main stories in the Bible and put on an overhead, and trace them on the wall. I have "artists" here who then went to work painting and shading the pictures. Each picture is connected by the names of God, and separated into old and new testaments. In the New Testament we used the names of Jesus! What a way to help the children connect everything with these animated pictures! AND LEARN THE NAMES OF GOD! Thank you! If you would like to see what we've done, I'll be happy to email a picture to you when it's completed. What a blessing you are to this ministry, and by the way, our Youth Pastor enjoys the clip art to. We have it in all of our bulletins, mail-outs, newsletters etc. Thank You and may God continue to bless you and your ministry!" Becky

  • "Web site is great. Your clip art has been a great help to me in putting study books together for our national Pastors and preacher boys! The clip art helps them to understand what we are trying to teach them. The Fat Free Clip Art that is black-white has been a blessing for us also. The color ink here is very costly for me. The black-white has been great. Not so costly! Please let me know of any other clip art that we could get for our Study materials for the Pastors. You've been a great help!!!!" In Christ, Terry and Tribe, Papua, New Guinea

  • "I just purchased Fat Free Clip Art for our church. I have used Clickart - Christian Graphics Deluxe and Cathedral Art for graphics in our church bulletin and posters.

    "I had been looking for sometime for another graphics program. I don't like to use the same graphics repeatedly. Clickart was my favorite because it was very easy to use and versatile. When I saw FFCA in a Christian Book Dist. catalog, it sounded like what I was looking for. It's easy to use and works well with Word Perfect. The variety is great!!" In His Service, Margie Aurand

About Ron's cartoon tracts[top]

  • A short history of Ron Wheeler's tracts

  • "Using the Humorous to Communicate the Serious," On the Right Tract, American Tract Society

  • "Hi, Ron...Just wanted to say "Hi" and thanks for your work for Christ and His gospel. I just called to ask you about, "Are You Looking For God/Something?"...it's been of my favorite tracts, and I'm sorry it's out of print. I think it holds a special place in my heart because that little tract helped me get saved in 1997/1998. I found it in the restroom of a Barnes and Noble bookstore in Las Vegas...I had just pulled into town and I was looking for some sinful spots to spend my vacation. When I read the tract, I thought that maybe I wasn't looking for debauchery after all, and I picked up a very safe, liberal paperback about the life of Jesus. There was no way I was going to actually read a Bible at that point, but I was started on the path toward Him on that day."

    "Many months later, when God drew me to read the actual Gospels in His book, I instantly saw that He was real, and that He is the only way to Life. That was January 12, 1998, and I will be eternally grateful to Him. I thought you might like to know how your work reaches the lost and glorifies Jesus."

    "By the way, I make my living as a cartoonist (mostly for Nickelodeon...SpongeBob, etc.)---and I really admire your work from a professional point of view as well! Great stuff! I just placed an order from your website for some of my other favorite tracts, like "Don't Open This Card" and "Then What?" (as part of a bundle). Kudos on the website design...it's really user-friendly."

    "Keep up the great work!" Paul Sherman Cohen

  • Ron does wonderfull work! I came across the site quite by accidental net surfing. I have enjoyed the Jack Chick tracts, but am sold on Ron's version of color and his cartoon tract ministry is refreshing. God Bless you brother. I was even honored to chat with Ron yesterday when placing an order of his tracts to handout. As I tell folks I'm just a plain old Christian who happens to go to a Baptist Church. Not Bill Clintons church :o)
    In His Service--- Mike

  • "Praise God for your wonderful tracts. I leave them when I leave a tip in a restaraunt (I put the tip in the tract). But I most especially love the comic book style one. They are great when trying to minister to the children or youth. May the Lord richly bless all that are involved in the making of these helpful tools!" Angela Cordero

  • "I have been using your tracts for over 5 years to help evangelize and disciple the youth at the Juvenile Detention Center in San Antonio, Texas. Of all the different aids I use to communicate, your comic tracts produce the most consistent acceptance and teaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The kids really really love them. I have probably given out more than 5,000 copies of your tract 'The Judge' alone. It is the single most effective piece of work in telling the gospel to these kids that I have found. I want you to know that hundreds, perhaps thousands (no way to know for sure) of these juveniles have accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior." Mike Gahan

  • "Ron...I am so excited that I came across your site via Cybergrace!!!! We have a Restaurant and use your tracts all the time! We have 2 tract racks by the door and people love your cartoon tracts." Jill Mickelson

  • "I really enjoy your cartoons! They are a great tool in evangelizing people in a bit of a different way. I especially love the tract you have entitled Have You Stopped? When talking to people who do not know Christ they make the excuse of saying that someone did this and someone did that, and I have never known what to respond. I always responded that we should only look to Jesus not man. But with this tract it helped me see a different way of approaching the matter. God Bless You!" Shirley Velardo

  • "Hi, I am 40 yrs old and have been saved 10 yrs. The church I joined had a program of witnessing on the street/main square of our city (pop. 350,000) every friday night. When I started going out we use Chick tracts and any other text only material. It was disappointing to see them sometimes blowing down the street later on. When we found your style of cartoon tracts, no one ever threw them away!!

    "I still use them to give to my hairdresser, kids at school, my 7 yr old shares them with his class too!!

    "I thought you might like to know that your ministry is having a big impact even to the ends of the earth." Stephen Visser, Christchurch, New Zealand

  • "Hi Ron! I read 'Then What' at a Bible Bookstore a couple weeks ago, and was so impressed I was telling every Christian friend and family I could about it, reciting it by heart, because the store didn't have any for me to buy accept in Spanish (which I don't speak). I bought several because we do have alot of Spanish speaking people in our area. Then today one of my friend's saw the website on the back of the tract, and I looked at the website and found 'Then What.' I was very happy to find it again (in English)! I think it is one of the best I have ever read....very memorable, which is very important!

    "I am a believer, and an artist. I have never done cartoons though, but a close friend and I are always passing out tracts and noticing in particular how well they are done and how well the point... which is God's message, is presented. We think yours are excellent. We also feel that God may be leading us to be involved in some way with tracts. We are praying about it, and waiting on His direction. I just wanted to tell you how much I like your work, and I know God's message is being presented in your tracts in the way I feel is pleasing to Him, and people seem to like the tract, and not just throw them aside. Thank You for obeying God in what He wants for you to do! God Bless You and Your Family!"
    Sincerely Your Sister In Christ, Lynn

  • "I am 33 yrs. old. When I was 15 I got off the 7 train at Main Street Flushing, Queens, and someone handed me one of your tracts, 'The Light'. I read it over and over the whole way home on the Q15 bus. I didn't quite understand but couldn't stop reading it. To make a long story short, I ended up getting saved when I was 18. Another friend led me to the Lord. But I know God used your tract to plant a serious seed and really make me think...to this day I remember much of the tract, and though I have seen many tracts over the years, it surprises me that this is the one that after so many years still stands out in my mind. I have been wondering where to get tracts like yours for a long time, and now that I have found your web-site, I will definitely be ordering some. Thank you for your part in my salvation and keep serving the Lord!"
    Sincerely, Barbara Jacobini

  • "I am from Brazil and I'd like to share with you something that happened here in my city (Anapolis-GO) to a girl after my wife (Cristiane) gave her a sheet of paper containing one of your cartoons (Heaven's Gate).

    "The girl is a teacher in the school where my wife is learning the English language, and as soon as she got that sheet of paper she kept herself alone for a while and then she finally spoke up: "Amazing Cris I had never understood this message of the bible, it is so clear to me that I want this paper to show to my friend Marina (the owner of the school)".

    "The fact is, my wife and I are Christians and we had preached the word of God to that girl before and prayed for her to have a meeting with God, to have her eyes opened. And now she has been touched [as she herself defined her feeling at that moment] with your cartoon.

    "She said she'll go at the church in the weekend.

    "It seemed to me you would like to hear this, and I want to encourage you to keep doing this, for when you are in Heaven's Gate, God will say to you: You have gathered a lot more then you can even imagine.

    "May God bless you, Ron." Messias B. Simon

  • "Since the very first time that I saw your tracts I have fallen in love with your work. I am currently a taxi driver in Canada and the people that I deal with hate tacky stuff. Their attention is drawn to yours immediately because they are both funny, and they are a piece of classy work. I won't use any other tract now. I like the way that teens are attracted like a magnet to them. I only wish that the Christian book stores here carried them. But the sad fact is that most have never heard of them. I would like to be a distributor of them here if there were a way to make a living too. However, it would be enough if I could buy them in any c.b.s.

    "The fact that your tracts are the most professional and also the lightest, means that they are easiest to use. Humor is by far the most effective way to the attention of a person in need of Jesus. There are enough groups bringing fear and condemnation on anyone that they can. I don't believe that fear brings love for God. And as I recall, Jesus only brought harsh words against the religious leaders who taught the people things that God never sanctioned.

    "I love your art and the gift of God in you to do them. Great job Ron!!!!!!!!" Mike Summers (itinerate evangelist)

  • "(The orchestra swells...) This is actually the first internet guestbook I've ever signed, though I've surfed (along with my computer-savy husband/kids for years.

    "Why write to you? Well, we used to drive up to Garland to the American Tract Society and load up on tracts to distribute -- and yours has always been an absolute delight to find! Your little cartoons with the gospel punch grabbed and kept our attention (and those who received them) time and time again. THANKS, Ron, for making the message of Jesus Christ and His Salvation fun, fascinating, and ...in cartoon form!! We live in an age of the short attention span. (Don't blink!) Glad to know the Lord can bless ....quickly!

    "Your cartoons ARE so ---likable, and convicting. I like the Judge, and the 2 sons, and well, all of them. I like the fact that they are hit the target and don't take long to get there! I wish I'd had access to good tracts like yours earlier in my life. Looking back on my unsaved-but-going-to-church days, I think they should have greeted each person entering with at least a Bible AND a 'Plain English/Christian-ese' dictionary! Maybe I would have given my life to Christ sooner instead of merely feeling sorry that the Lamb had to die on the cross for me (whatever that meant). You have no idea how appreciated YOUR simple conveyance of the gospel is!

    "Ron, one of my fondest memories connected with your cartoon tracts is when my youngest daughter, Heidi, was a toddler. She'd go up to Grandma, who was not yet a believer, climb on her lap with a whole STACK of tracts she'd picked out, snuggle in and say, 'Grandma, read this to me!' So Grandma would. Then Heidi would produce the NEXT tract and say, 'Now read this one to me...' and on it'd go till Grandma had read through the entire stack. This happened fairly often. (Some Grandma's will do anything for a grandchild.) My mother did come to the Lord a few years later. I know that reading those cartoons, ostensibly to Heidi, made an impact.

    "Another time that stands out was when I was able to give a bunch of varied tracts to a couple (unbelievers) who were on their way to visit a sick friend in the hospital. I asked them to look through them for me and leave which ones they thought were the most appropriate and encouraging. They seemed pleased to honor that request! Happily, God's Word bears fruit, whether we're around to see it... or not. 'One plants, another waters... but God gives the increase.'

    "Well, I've bent your ear, er --EYE, long enough. Thanks and I'll continue to pray for you and God's message in cartoon form. Wow! What a blessing! " In Christ, K. Balatoni

  • "I really enjoyed those cartoon stories. It was kind of weird because about a week ago I had asked God to send someone to help me understand that I need to go back and start a new relationship with him.While I was trying to look up information for a school project your stories popped out of nowhere. I was going to click out of it but something told me not to.The one I liked the most was The Light, it got me thinking about the rapture and how I wouldn't like to get left behind.I really think that was a knock on the door from God and I thank you for the wonderful stories and talent God has given you and for the courage you have to use it." Erica Diaz

  • "I gave out a lot of your tracts called 'Don't open this card' at our Greer Family Festival. I could tell they were a big hit! I have been placing them in the restrooms at work too. I really appreciate tracts since it was through one that I came to know Jesus Christ. I was an atheist. I picked up the Good News Bible at a Days Inn in '82. Its simple illustrations spoke to me. Then I found a tract at a Dunkin Donuts shop in New Castle Delaware. It was about the Great White Throne Judgement. Some people just don't respond to witnessing. It's no wonder in this sell, sell, sell world we live in. But if they can sit down and ponder some little tract, God can work powerfully through that. Nobody hit me over the head with a bible or said you must be saved. I didn’t know anything about that, like I know now. But still Jesus accepted my apology for not believing in Him and saved me. Then in ’86 he brought a lady into my life that discipled me and showed me what the Christian life was all about. She is my wife now.

    "Do I believe in tracts…I sure do! Keep up the good work Ron!" John LaCourse

  • "I will never forget the cartoon tract 'Where is your Trust?' That first caption of the car going off a cliff and the character saying he's sure glad he has his seatbelt on is priceless! It sums up the human condition in one instant!

    "I just started working in a crisis pregnancy center and many of our clients are teens. I just know the Lord is going to use your tracts in a mighty way!

    "Thank you for using your talents to glorify God and further His kingdom. May He continue to pour out His blessings upon your life, family and ministry as you seek His face and His will." Wendie Manly, Clearwater, Fl

  • "Wow! These tracts are awesome! They have a great and very important message, with a lot of humor. Though there is humor, the message is very clear. 'Jeremiah' is also very funny, and encouraging seeing the fellowship between then. That's so cool that you're using the gifts and talents God gave you to glorify Him. Continue serving our Lord Jesus!!!" Lee Chang, Stevens Point, WI

  • "You've probably heard this a thousand times, but, -- I was to teach in a Community Church VBS setting. I was not really pleased because the cirriculum, though Bible based, didn't seem to present the gospel clearly. A couple of days before the beginning day, I visited the Bible Book store in town and picked up some of your tracts. I couldn't get enough of one kind for the whole (expected) class. The first day I held one up and just began to read it out loud (The Word). The boy immediately in front of me said, 'Can I have that?' I explained I didn't have enough for everyone, and continued reading. Later I was sorry I hadn't let him take it after class.

    "However, the last day, after talking about Christ several times during the week. I just laid the bundle on the table and read out loud from 'What's after Life?' I told all the kids they were welcome to whatever I had laid out. The tracts were all gone in seconds. These were 10 year olds, mainly boys, who knew these were tracts about Christ. At least half of these kids don't go to church or read the Bible. Thanks for letting the Lord use you in this way." An undercover Gospel teacher

About Ron's Jeremiah cartoons[top]

  • Chrisian web networks where the Jeremiah strips are featured:
  • Dear Ron
    hi my names Alvin, 27yr old guy from queensland Australia.i just wanted to say what an awesome thing it was to stumble upon your website and jeremiah cartoons!.Although i realise that its primarily 4 teenagers(jeremiah) i as an adult have gotten so much out of it as well as tonnes of laughter smiles and even tears.Sometimes God even speaks to me through them,and have found that the moral lessons are still relevant to me even at my age.As a youngster i always enjoyed comics and am so glad to find a christian comic series that i thoroughly enjoy and has become my favourite!.I can identify with jeremiah matt and even luke as they go about thier lives growing in God! its so cool.Thanx 4 bringing myself and im sure thousands of others much joy through this awesome gift of yours and pray God will continually bless this wonderful ministry.

  • "Hi Ron, Just wanted to let you know how much I like your work on the Adventures of Jeremiah. I must admit that I haven't read them all yet, but the latest storyline is pretty funny, with the cartoon taking on a life of its own...I'll be checking back to see how it turns out....Also, the tract work (from your cartoon tract link) is just great...Keep up the good work."
    Sincerely, Dennis Ward
    The New Disciples <www.thenewdisciples.com>

  • "I enjoy reading Jeremiah Cartoons daily. I even save a different panel everyday as wallpaper [on my computer] so that my family can read it." Glen

  • "We are extremely impressed by the quality of your weekly cartoon (The Adventures of Jeremiah). So we are interested to use it in our Finnish Christian web service called Ankkuri. Because our mission here in Ankkuri are to spread the gospel among Finnish-speaking internet users, we ask kindly if we can translate the contents of your Jeremiah cartoons into Finnish."

  • "Your website is really great. Thanks for creating and hosting Jeremiah. I've put a link to it on my web site. Also, I put a couple of your freebie cartoons on my pages. Thank you and I have prayed that God will continue to bless you and inspire you...." Mike

  • "I think that your artistic ability is put in good work toward the Lord. Your comic strips put everything in my life in a new perspective, and I think that it is really neat how you do this for HIM." Monica Chih

  • "I discovered your comic by accident after browsing through Christian sites. After just seeing one strip comic I instantly fell in love. Did you create Jeremiah during the 1970s or was it just recently in the 1990s? I wish you have created this in the 70s it would have been a blast for at that time I lived in New York and if you did create it in the 70s then I wasn't paying any attention! Even if the
    theme is mostly about teenagers yet it is worthy to be read by all Christians whether they are old or young. I enjoyed it very much and I want to personally thank you for making a comic such as Jeremiah. God bless you Ron keep up the good work!"

About Ron's puzzles[top]

  • "I have just found this webpage and so far I really like it. I love doing puzzles and playing games. I would like to tell you thank you for having such a nice webpage." Teresa Tillery

  • "Love the site--it's really fun. I enjoyed the puzzle page. I am also looking forward to purchasing your FAT FREE CLIP ART 4000." Linda Smith

  • "I found your website while searching for something for my Sunday school class to do that would get their imaginations working and your memory games and puzzles I think will really work. I teach preschool to 1st grade group and its hard to keep their interest especially toward the end of the school year. They need something mind challenging and I think I may have found my source. Thanks." Bilinda Reichman




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