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Welcome to Ron Wheelers Learn How-To-Draw!!!

Ron's Mission Statement

To use cartoons as a communications vehicle for spreading God's truth.

Ron Wheeler has been writing and illustrating cartoons full time since 1980. His calling before the Lord is to create cartoons to be a communication vehicle for spreading God’s Truths.

Ron Wheeler Photo ImageHe has had the privilege of creating a line of 70 different Gospel oriented cartoon tracts that have sold over 50 million copies. He has also had several Christian books and CDs of clip art and comic strips published. Most notable is a long running weekly comic strip that was published in a youth magazine for 20 years. Plus, Ron’s humorous illustrations can be frequently found in Sunday school curriculum, VBS materials, magazine articles, and book covers as well. He also enjoys illustrating children’s books for various Christian publishers and individuals. Plus, Ron has a line of his own published children’s books called “Stinky Stevens” he wrote and illustrated.

Ron has also ventured into self-publishing with a teaching series of How-to-Draw online videos, a collection of downloadable clip art, coloring books, single panel cartoons, puzzles … plus greeting cards, T-shirts, mugs, calendars, ball caps, etc. In addition, he is often a guest speaker on cartooning all over the world. In the summers Ron runs a Cartoon Camp in his home/studio to teach others about cartooning for Christ.

Ron and his wife Cindy have been married since 1984 and their three now grown children, Audrey, Byron, and Grace were home schooled from the beginning. Ron and Cindy both grew up in Nebraska where they both received their Bachelor of Science degrees from the University of Nebraska. They met at Colonial Presbyterian Church in Kansas City, Missouri, where they still attend, and have lived in the same neighborhood nearby for over two decades.

To see his work and contact Ron, visit