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Here’s where you can find out everything you could possibly want to know about humor illustrator and cartoonist, Ron Wheeler. Read the incredible story of how God clearly called Ron to create cartoons to be a communication vehicle for spreading His Truths.

This is also where you can find Ron’s biography his resumé, several articles written about him, plus much, much more.

Ever need a cartoon drawing for your project, but don’t have the budget to pay a professional to draw it for you? Check out the thousands of images we have available here that you can purchase on CD or download directly onto your computer.

DownloadableClipArt.com is the one place where church leaders, children ministers, families, and individuals can download any of Ron Wheeler’s available cartoon clip art. There are several thousand images available on this site.

Fat Free Clip Art is a 3-CD set containing over 4,000 black and white cartoon images drawn by Ron Wheeler. These are quality drawings … and they are all “fat free”.

CartoonWorksClipart.com is where you can find many of Ron’s downloadable clip art as well as graphic images, screen savers, wallpaper and photographs by others.

CrossDaily.com is where you can find many of Ron’s downloadable clip art as well as graphic images, screen savers, wallpaper and photographs by others.

iClipArt.com is where you can find many of Ron’s downloadable clip art as well as graphic images, screen savers, wallpaper and photographs by others.

KidZWorker.com is where you can find many of Ron’s downloadable clip art as well as graphic images, screen savers, wallpaper and photographs by others.

Free Samples! Want to try before you buy? Check out this page of free samples.

Limited copyright: © Ron Wheeler. Permission is hereby granted for use of any of Ron’s clip art for educational purposes in churches, schools, and for personal use without further permission required. The materials herein are not to be used for any other purposes without prior approval.

Find Free clip art and other fun stuff you can use for your ministry or personal use!

Limited copyright: © Ron Wheeler. Permission is hereby granted for use of any of Ron’s clip art for educational purposes in churches, schools, and for personal use without further permission required. The materials herein are not to be used for any other purposes without prior approval.

Check out this Fun Page full of some fun puzzles and fun games you can play online … just for fun.

View some of Ron’s most recent work as well as view an extensive portfolio of Ron’s work divided by category at RonWheeler.com.

Ron makes his living primarily through freelance work, so don’t be shy about asking him for help on your next project.

Be sure to check out Ron’s biography, his resume, and a list of some of Ron’s clients.

Need Art?
You can reach him at:
1-877-I DRAW 4U

Cartoon Tracts are small pamphlets that present the Christian message in a fun, humorous way that even the biggest skeptic can understand and appreciate.

Ron has created over 80 different titles. Over 50 million copies have been sold. Check out the examples he has online here.

Here is where church leaders, Sunday School teachers, children’s directors and individuals can purchase a variety of resource materials (books, clip art, tracts, etc.) and novelty products (such as T-shirts, mugs, greeting cards, calendars, ball caps, etc.) created by Ron Wheeler

The Adventures of Jeremiah is a humorous comic strip Ron drew weekly for 20 years. The characters' role is to model their Christian faith (or at least try to) in a way that is geared to make you laugh.

Click Here to see the strip of the week!

You can also have access to several hundred Jeremiah Strips at once for ministry or personal use.

You can order print books of these strips click here!

These strips are also available for republication. Contact Ron for details.

Ron’s latest and most exciting project, is a series of children’s books. These books are wild and crazy stories written by Ron, and full of Ron’s zany art and humor, but with a spiritual point. They are geared for the elementary age children in all of us. Release date, to be announced.

Ron’s three passions: cartoons, Scripture memory, and family ministry all come together in this product. It’s an easy to use flash card approach to building God’s Word into the hearts of every member of the family.

Ron’s work has made a difference in people’s lives. Here is some of what others have had to say about:

Ron’s work

Ron’s cartoon tracts

Ron’s Jeremiah comic strip

Ron’s puzzles and games

Ron’s clip art

If you would like to comment on what kind of impact Ron’s work has made in your ministry or personal life, he’d love to hear from you. Contact Us

Ron’s work has appeared in publications for Christian ministries and publishing companies all over the globe since 1980. Here is just a partial list of the organizations that have used Ron to further their efforts at spreading the Good News.

  • American Tract Society
  • Assemblies of God
  • Awana Clubs International
  • Avant Ministries 
  • Baker Book House
  • Barbour and Company
  • Christian Ed Warehouse
  • Christian Focus Publishing
  • Christian Publications
  • Christian Reformed Church
  • Christianity Today Incorporated
  • Children's Bible Hour
  • Children's Better Health Institute
  • Concordia Publishing House
  • Cook Communications 
  • CSS Publishing 
  • CrossDaily.com
  • Discovery House Books
  • Evangel Magazine
  • EvanTell
  • Every Generation Ministries
  • Faith 'n Stuff 
  • Faith and Life Press 
  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes
  • Focus on the Family
  • Good News/Crossway Books
  • Gospel Light
  • Gospel Publishing House
  • Great Commission Publications
  • Group Publishing
  • Growing Families International
  • Homeschooling Today Magazine
  • Howard Books
  • Kathie Hill Music
  • Kansas City Chiefs
  • Kansas City Royals
  • Kendall Hunt Publishing
  • KidZWorker.com
  • Leadership Magazine
  • LifeWay Christian Resources
  • Light & Life Magazine 
  • Livingstone Corp.
  • Media Embassy
  • Mel Bay Publications
  • National Religious Broadcasters
  • Nazarene Publishing House
  • Pleasant Word
  • Radio Bible Class
  • Presbyterian Church USA
  • Regular Baptist Press
  • Review & Herald Publishing 
  • Salem Publishing
  • Standard Publishing Co.
  • Stan Toler Ministries
  • Strang Communications
  • Teaching & Learning Co.
  • The Timothy Group
  • Tyndale House
  • University of the Nations
  • WinePress Publishing
  • WORDsearch Corp.
  • Youth for Christ

Do you know someone who is interested in cartooning? Ron occasionally does speaking engagements and teaches classes on cartooning using the latest computer technology.

To those local to the Kansas City area Ron hosts an occasional Cartoon Camp in his home studio. Contact Ron if you would like Ron to come visit your school or organization.

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Ron would love to hear from you. The best way to reach him is to fill out his Contact Ron form. This form goes directly to him.

You can also contact him at his studio:

Ron Wheeler

9818 Summit Street
Kansas City MO 64114
1-877-I DRAW 4U (877-437-2948)

No solicitors please.

In his home studio, Ron creates and draws cartoons and illustrations that have been published and circulated around the world.

Weekday mornings are pretty typical in Ron and Cindy Wheeler's south Kansas City home. After breakfast with the family, he heads for the office and she takes the youngsters to school.

Ron's commute is just up the stairs to his cartoonist's studio. And Cindy, Audrey and Byron go downstairs to a home-school classroom.

"Burglars know better than to come around our house," Ron joked. "It seems like we're here 24 hours a day."

Most people are trading the pressures of the rat race for the comforts of home. According to Link Research in New York City, 12.9 million workers earn their primary income from a home business; 13.8 million earn part-time income from home; and 7.9 million telecommute, or work a salaried job from home. More than 200 home occupancy permits have been issued in Lee's Summit alone this year.

"Within the next five years, half the work force will earn at least part of its income from home," said Paul Edwards of Santa Monica, Calif. Edwards and his wife, Sarah, have written a series of home-based business books.

Why trade the security and steady paycheck of a regular job for the uncertainty of a home-based business? The reasons are as varied as the cottage industries springing up across the Southland.

Peggy Feagins, a Grandview potter, was looking for a way to combine her lifestyle with her interests - and make more money in the process.

"I was a stay-at-home mom and wanted something that would allow me to remain at home and still make money," she said. "I had an interest in working with clay, and my business grew out of that."

Ten years later, she has a profitable business producing functional stoneware, such as bowls, lamps and crocks. She markets her pottery through retailers and selected shows.

Wheeler's business grew out of a lifelong interest in cartooning. His cartoons are used widely in Sunday school literature and other materials from the Nazarene Publishing House in Kansas City. His Jeremiah comic strip has long been a regular part of the church's youth magazine.

"Working at home fits my nature, because I'm a self-starter," Wheeler said. "I can set my own schedule and work as hard as I like. There are times I work until 2 in the morning. Or, I can back off if I'm not up for it that day.

"I get to be around my family; sometimes for brief periods and sometimes for extended periods. I'm not just seeing my kids at the end of the day, when I'm worn out and they're worn out."

Family consideration also motivated Kristi Nielsen, senior sales director for Mary Kay Cosmetics in Lee's Summit.

"By working at home, I can design my career around my family instead of the other way around," she said. "I can take my kids to school and join them on field trips. Also, this allows me to work 20 or 25 hours a week and make as much money as most women do working 40 hours."

Of course, these benefits have tradeoffs, which become more apparent around April 15 each year. Home entrepreneurs bear the full brunt of taxes, insurance, retirement plans and other benefits.

"The down side is that you're in business only as long as you earn the next paycheck," Wheeler said.

"I figured out once that I could make a fraction of what I make now and have the same earning power if I were working for a company such as Hallmark. Much of my time and resources go into activities that don't produce income."

Working from home can also put a strain on relationships. Beth Smith of Home Office Management Services, a consulting company in Lee's Summit, has met people whose families actually want their business to fail because it detracts from their relationship.

"I tell people they can neglect cleaning the house and doing the laundry, but they can't neglect the people in their lives," she said. "Personal relationships should never come second to business."

Drawing this line between family and business is essential, workers say.

"There are a lot more distractions at home, so you have to discipline yourself," Feagins said. "Before you get started, talk over how it will affect your family life."

Although working at home is not for everyone, the success rate is higher than that of storefront businesses. So, apparently, is the satisfaction.

Surveys show that nine out of 10 home-based entrepreneurs would not want to go back to a regular office setting, said author Edwards.



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